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Whole-Life Leader (WLL) is a network of leaders supporting each other to have a positive impact in the world. We explore, develop, and apply whole-life leader practices to build our strengths and achieve our visions.

The co-creators of the Mastering Whole-Life Leadership Program are Cindy and Bonny.  Based on their experiences, they discovered an imperative key to whole-life fulfillment and they want to share it with you. Therefore, in 2016 they began this collaborative initiative with the goal of empowering others to be Whole-Life Leaders.

The Mastering Whole-Life Leadership program was launched in Saratoga Springs, NY and graduated twenty seven WLLs. We are proud of our graduates and their commitment to being their best self.  The graduates shared their thoughts about the program in this video

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Cindy Stack

Cindy is an experienced leadership coach. She is certified by the ICF, a CPCC, CiPP, Leadership Circle Profile, and a licensed WBI facilitator. Prior to starting her own business she was an executive leader in the financial services, marketing and manufacturing industries.

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Bonny Boice

Bonny has over 35 years of leadership experience with a passion to support leaders to become their best self. Prior to starting her own business as a certified professional coach she was an executive leader for a billion dollar nonprofit. 

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