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Is This For Me?

Is Mastering Whole-Life Leadership right for me?

We are excited you have been attracted to this program. Is there one thing that is sparking interest in you? This program will help you explore that spark of interest and apply Whole-Life Leader practices to your life.


The Mastering Whole-Life Leadership program is for anyone open to observing and refining their own thinking in order to align behaviors with positive outcomes. That has included: 

  • new leaders,

  • experienced leaders,

  • business owners,

  • entrepreneurs, and 

  • individuals interested in reaching their highest potential.

Past participants have all expressed the positive impact the program has on leading their own life and being a positive leader. A few testimonials can be found on the WLL Experiences page. For additional information, please contact with via the contact form.


"Great leaders, the research shows, are made as they gradually acquire, in the course of their lives and careers, the competencies that make them so effective. The competencies can be learned by any leader, at any point."

 - Daniel Goldman

What is the weekly time commitment for the program?

This is a multiple month program designed to introduce Whole-Life Leader practices as well as help you apply those practices and receive the full benefits of them. You will attend 14 hours of in-person workshops (either 4 afternoons or 2 full days). There is also an online learning center where the Whole-Life Leaders & Coaches post suggested activities and readings. We estimate 1-2 hours per week for the online classroom.

Should I ask my boss to cover the cost?

Yes. Past participants have had their organizations pay for the program as professional development.

How do I find out more?

Additional information on our upcoming Mastering Whole-Life Leadership programs can be found on the Workshops & Retreats page. Other questions can be sent to us in the contact form.