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Mastering Whole-Life Leadership Testimonials


"I have found WLL to be a very enlightening experience...Carving out time for myself, for only me, something I have not been doing well for years, particularly this past year. Since WLL, I have “put my oxygen mask on first”....Thank you WLL! And thank you, Bonny, for making me take a time out from myself and my life to reconnect to myself and my life!!"


“You know you have blind spots & this program will help to give sight to them"


“Grateful for Whole-Life Leadership expanding my courage and desire to pursue a more zestful life."


"Journaling for me has become a big part of whether or not I have a successful week. It has turned out to be for me a truly unexpected and inspired gift. Thank you WLL!!"


“I’m enjoying the Whole Life Leadership activities. It’s great to have that daily prompt to help me look at each day through these different lenses.”

"Since joining MWLL, I am far more uncomfortable - but in a good way! I am no longer just talking about the business I plan to start one day. I am actually talking to prospective clients and finding ways forward that I simply couldn't see a few months back. It's scary, because I still don't know how all the pieces could possibly fit together. But I am trusting the process and becoming the leader I was born to be!"


"When I read about The Mastering Whole-Life Leadership program developed by Bonny Boice and her long-time friend and Whole-Life Leader, Cindy Stack, I signed up for the challenge to further develop and sharpen my skills as I continue on this journey to become my personal best. With the first workshop behind me and heading into only week two of the eight month program, I feel energized, engaged and ready to turn the focus on me. I’ve already met some remarkable women and am proud to be a part of such a talented and non-judgmental group of professionals representing a diverse group of industries."


"Great insight about life changing way of thinking about my present life that I wasn't able to access on my own."


“This program is impacting my life more than I ever could have imagined. I absolutely love it!! Ladies (and men) if you are looking to be a Whole-Life Leader you don’t want to miss this! Bonny and Cindy are incredible!"


"This is exactly the program you’ve been looking for to see impactful change in your whole life. "